Steven Singer Jewelers

  • I Hate Dennis Steele

    "I hate Dennis Steele. He is a horrible copy writer, terrible voice actor and just the worst media company you could ever use. I highly suggest that anyone in the jewelry business stay away from this company. However, if you are not in the jewelry business, I would strongly recommend Mr. Steele. He is talented, and one of the driving forces behind our marketing. He is one of our most important assets. Our creative has won two Addys under his guidance, and he was the originator of our "I Hate Steven Singer" radio campaign that we're still using to this day."

  • Steven Singer, Owner, Steven Singer Jewelers


    Philadelphia Post

  • National Caliber Talent

    I have worked with Dennis for many years. He is a consummate professional and always brings enthusiasm and creativity to the job at hand. He's a team player, and I would recommend him without hesitation.

  • John Anthony, Owner, Philadelphia Post


    AmeriHealth Administrators

  • National Caliber Talent

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you that Philadelphia doesn’t have national-caliber talent. Because it’s simply not true. I have worked with RD Steele on every type of project imaginable – from radio commercials and corporate presentations to IVR applications and material for Direct Response television. RD has a natural talent for phrasing and copy interpretation that will never disappoint. His range is extensive and he’s open to client direction, giving him the ability to deliver the proper “feel” to an audience without them ever noticing he’s there. Now that’s professional. That’s national-caliber talent. That’s RD Steele.

  • Mark Engleman, Creative Services Manager, AmeriHealth Administrators