In 2016, I'm a "Free Man"

In 2016, I started recording an interesting new project with Michael Mennies Productions: "Mr. Freeman," a YouTube sensation in its original Russian, and now dubbed into English with me as the voice of the animated anarchist.  We started recording 15-second shorts, and now we're creating the 3-minute versions.  Watch here:

As winter turned to spring, we began to crank out the 2016 Phillies TV and radio campaign, which is ongoing through the season.  Order Now!

Now that Gus the Groundhog is back, I am not "scratchin' out" quite as many spots as I did in years past, but I still did a little TV and radio for the Lottery this past winter.  I've also done additional broadcast work for PSE&G, NJM Insurance, Roto Rooter and Entenmann's Little Bites Cakes.

2016 has already been a "huuuge" political year, and primary season isn't even over yet.  Earlier in the year there were quite a lot of "anti-Trump" ads to read, as well as campaigns in Wisconsin, PA, and a couple of races in Kentucky.  

Also keeping me busy were non-broadcast, web and internal projects for Amerihealth (thank you Mark Engleman and Calvin Tan!) Allergan Pharmaceuticals and TJ Maxx, to name a few.

And when I wasn't on mic, I was writing copy for Radio Agency clients Workiva, Ultrashape, and the Rest Bed.